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After the completion of the largest high-density polyethylene unit in Asia, the loading was completed manually

Maoming Petrochemical 1million T/a ethylene reconstruction and expansion project. Following the completion of the polypropylene unit, recently, the 350000 T/a high-density polyethylene unit and the 640000 T/a cracking gasoline hydrogenation unit were completed and delivered for production at the same time, entering the feeding and start-up stage

HDPE Plant is the largest production plant in Asia and the most advanced process technology in China. The device introduces the ring pipe slurry process technology of Chevron Phillips company of the United States. It has the characteristics of large single line production capacity, many product varieties and good quality. It can produce more than 20 brands of products, such as blowing plastic, thin film material, wire drawing material, pipe material, injection plastic, cable material, etc. the products are widely used in household appliances, electronics, light textile and other fields with high added value, At present, more than 50% of the domestic market demand depends on imports. The completion of the 350000 T/a high-density polyethylene plant of Maoming Petrochemical fills the blank of Guangdong plastic production varieties, is conducive to optimizing the structure of ethylene varieties, improving the post-processing level of ethylene products, and stimulating regional economic development

at the same time, the cracking gasoline hydrogenation transformation project will expand the original production capacity of 250000 tons/year to 640000 tons/year. The unit adopts the two-stage hydrogenation process technology developed by SINOPEC. Silica gel is an inert material with good biocompatibility. It uses the crude pyrolysis gasoline produced by ethylene cracking unit as raw material to produce hydrogenated gasoline and other products, and provides sufficient raw materials for aromatics extraction unit, which is conducive to increasing the production of benzene products in short supply in the current market

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