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The first manufacturing innovation center focusing on intelligent agricultural machineries in Henan Province was established.

the first manufacturing innovation center focusing on intelligent agricultural machineries in Henan Province was established to meet the requirements of gb/t229-94 metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method for impact specimen notch.

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Henan manufacturing innovation has a new platform. On January 4, Henan Provincial Commission of industry and information technology, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Henan Provincial Department of science and technology, and Henan Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued a notice, identifying Henan intelligent agricultural machinery innovation center as Henan manufacturing innovation center, marking the official emergence of the first manufacturing innovation center in Henan Province

Henan intelligent agricultural machinery innovation center was established under the leadership of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. and jointly funded by Luoyang zhongkelong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Luoyang advanced manufacturing industry R & D base of Tianjin high end Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Luoyang Zhongke Information Industry Research Institute. China Agricultural University, northwest agricultural and Forestry University, Henan University of science and technology The Sixth Design and Research Institute of machinery industry and other scientific research institutions participate as core members. At present, the center has been registered through the industrial and commercial system, and the initial registered capital of 15million yuan has been in place

"the manufacturing innovation center is a new innovation platform, which integrates various innovation resources around the key common technology needs of the industry, and opens up the chain of technology R & D supply, transfer and diffusion and first commercialization, so as to achieve technological breakthroughs and promote industrial transformation and upgrading." The relevant person in charge of the provincial Commission of industry and information technology said that the construction of manufacturing innovation center has been listed as the first of the "five projects" of "made in China 2025". Cultivating and building manufacturing innovation center is a major measure to improve Henan's manufacturing innovation system and enhance manufacturing innovation capacity

in may 2017, Henan Province launched the application, selection and evaluation of the first batch of provincial manufacturing innovation centers, and announced the first batch of 11 Henan manufacturing innovation center cultivation units at the end of October. Finally, Henan intelligent agricultural machinery innovation center took the lead in promotion. Cheng introduced it as the first manufacturing innovation center approved by Henan Province

China YITUO Group, which led the establishment of the center, is the first tractor manufacturer in China. It has the most complete tractor product series in China. 5. The dynamometer main bearing is not allowed to be refueled. It has internationally advanced and domestically leading product technology with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the center has established a research and development team of 49 people and hired 4 academicians as members of the expert committee. It has invested in research and development on the common needs to be solved urgently in the agricultural machinery big data collection, new energy agricultural machinery equipment and other industries

"we have combined the equipment advantages of YITUO Group and Zoomlion Heavy machinery, the information technology advantages of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the intelligent manufacturing advantages of Tsinghua University. It can be said that our strength is strong." Wangyunfei, executive deputy general manager of the center, said that "intelligence" is the focus of the future development of the innovation center. The center will create an innovation system of "interconnection + sharing + agricultural equipment" through the combination of agricultural IOT platform, big data technology, sharing economy and agricultural equipment, build innovation platforms such as intelligent agricultural machinery research and development, intelligent manufacturing of agricultural machinery, intelligent agricultural big data analysis services, and promote the development of precision agriculture and intelligent agriculture

Henan is a major agricultural province, Agricultural machinery "In the big province where we try to use polyurethane foam equipment with graphene and other carbon materials as raw materials for production and consumption, we have formed an agricultural machinery equipment industry cluster with YITUO Group as the core and Henan RuiChuang, Zhengzhou Zhonglian, Henan Haofeng, etc. the establishment of Henan intelligent agricultural machinery innovation center will further promote the transformation of Henan agricultural machinery equipment industry to high-end and intelligent, and drive the development of agricultural equipment industry and technological innovation New, build a leading intelligent manufacturing industry cluster in China

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