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To effectively promote the prevention and control of air pollution, the State Council recently held an executive meeting, which proposed to increase the collection of sewage charges, increase credit support for the prevention and control of air pollution, vigorously cultivate environmental protection and new energy industries, and establish a new mechanism for energy conservation and emission reduction that combines incentives and constraints

the recently released action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution (hereinafter referred to as the action plan) clearly proposes to broaden financing channels, develop green credit and encourage the development of green industries; We will raise the standard of pollution charges, expand the scope of pollution charges and break them into small blocks, strictly restrict loans to enterprises violating environmental laws, and increase penalties for illegal enterprises' listing and financing. The action plan fully reflects the connotation of the new mechanism: completely walk out of the strange circle of high cost of law-abiding and low cost of law breaking; We will deepen reform, strengthen financial policy innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction through both rewards and punishments, and mobilize the new momentum of the whole society in pollution control, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort

broaden financing channels

so that we can get rid of hardware constraints and directly introduce virtual instruments into the classroom to establish a new mechanism for energy conservation and emission reduction, which needs to give full play to the regulatory role of the market mechanism. Zhoushengxian, Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, recently pointed out that it is necessary to establish a target system, assessment methods and reward and punishment mechanism that reflect the requirements of ecological civilization, greatly improve the weight of ecological environment indicators, and never simply use the domestic biological system to automatically clear; GDP growth rate theory hero

the heroic development idea of not only GDP makes people see the progress of ecological civilization and the hope of a beautiful China. However, the establishment of reward and punishment mechanism is not a slogan. Under China's current national conditions, it needs to be reflected in the policy guidance and the gains and losses of market players

specifically, it is necessary to actively implement a new mechanism of energy conservation and emission reduction based on the principle of "who pollutes, who is responsible, more emissions, more burdens, energy conservation and emission reduction gains and compensation"

the action plan proposes that the enterprise consumption quota for water, electricity and other resource products should be formulated by industry and region. An enterprise leader system should be established to encourage advanced enterprises that meet higher standards in energy efficiency and pollutant discharge intensity. In terms of financial policy innovation, we should improve green credit and green securities policies, and incorporate enterprise environmental information into the credit reporting system. Strictly restrict loans and listing financing of enterprises violating environmental laws. We will promote the pilot project of paid use and trading of emission rights

green credit is a brand-new credit policy jointly put forward by the Ministry of environmental protection, the people's Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission on july30,2007 in order to curb the blind expansion of high energy consumption and high pollution industries. The purpose is to achieve environmental control through financial leverage

in practice, green credit aims to establish an environmental access threshold in the field of financial credit, requiring that no credit support be provided for restricted and eliminated new projects; For obsolete projects, stop all forms of new credit support, and take measures to recover the loans already issued, strive to cut off the economic lifeline of disorderly development and blind expansion of high energy consumption and high pollution industries from the source, effectively cut off the capital chain of serious offenders, curb their investment impulse, solve environmental problems, and adjust the industrial structure through credit granting

it is understood that due to various factors, the implementation effect of green credit business in China is not ideal, and the leveraging effect of financial leverage needs to be further strengthened. Moreover, in the formulation of incentive policies, in addition to doing a good job in the article of green credit, we should also broaden investment and financing channels in a variety of ways, establish special funds, so that the limited funds can be better used in the blade, and give a green light to the development of green industries

therefore, the action plan proposes to deepen the reform of investment and financing system for energy conservation and environmental protection, and encourage private capital and social capital to enter the field of air pollution prevention and control. Guide banking financial institutions to increase credit support for air pollution prevention and control projects. Explore the mortgage financing mode of emission rights, and expand the financing and leasing business of energy-saving and environmental protection facilities

especially in terms of rationalizing the price mechanism, the action plan requires the central government to coordinate and integrate special projects such as emission reduction of major pollutants, set up special funds for air pollution prevention and control, and implement awards instead of subsidies in key areas according to the treatment results; The central government's investment in capital construction should also increase support for the prevention and control of air pollution in key areas

from the implementation, the short-term leverage effect has emerged. On October 13, the Ministry of Finance issued a document saying that the central government will allocate 5billion yuan of funds to Beijing and Tianjin. In July last year, one sugar was inlaid with 129 Swarovski artificial gems with a total weight of 5.16 carats in the four week frame of Hebei and surrounding areas (including six provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Mengjin and Lu specifically), with a focus on Hebei Province, which has heavy governance tasks

the fund is allocated in the form of reward instead of subsidy according to the expected pollutant emission reduction, pollution control investment and PM2.5 concentration reduction ratio in the above regions. After the end of this year, the central government will assess the effectiveness of air pollution prevention and control work in the above-mentioned areas, and then settle the incentive funds according to the actual assessment results to highlight the performance-oriented role

increase illegal costs

in the progress of special environmental protection actions in 2013 reported by the Ministry of environmental protection in mid October, 72 illegal environmental enterprises were listed for supervision. Among them, there are many large state-owned enterprise groups such as Yizhong group and Datong Coal Mine in Shanxi Province

from the problems found, problems such as excessive atmospheric discharge and loss of sewage treatment data still account for a large proportion. The environmental protection department is also rethinking the reasons. For example, previously, air dust removal monitoring equipment and sewage treatment monitoring equipment were purchased by enterprises themselves. In order to save costs, enterprises naturally choose cheap products, which can not guarantee the monitoring effect, but also facilitate the falsification of enterprise data

it is reported that many provinces and cities have started to try to purchase environmental protection equipment uniformly by the financial department to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of monitoring. All these require the relevant departments to make unified arrangements and overall planning in terms of financial policies

it can be seen that there are still many old habits to be broken and many new regulations to be established in the exploration of new mechanisms for energy conservation and emission reduction. In terms of policy guidance, it is necessary to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanism, and comprehensively use policy levers such as price and tax to mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of enterprises in energy conservation and environmental protection

the action plan proposes to improve the denitration electricity price policy according to the denitration cost and in combination with the adjustment of sales electricity price. If the existing thermal power units adopt new technologies to transform dust removal facilities, price policy support shall be given. Implement step tariff. The price of refined oil should be reasonably determined in accordance with the principles of reasonable compensation cost, high quality and good price and polluter's payment, and the subsidy policy for the price reform of refined oil for some poor groups and public welfare industries should be improved

in addition to positive guidance, it is also necessary to strengthen the punishment of illegal enterprises and increase the cost of illegal activities. The revision of the law on the prevention and control of air pollution has been put on the agenda. Insiders have been calling for increasing the cost of environmental violators. In the United States, when an enterprise discharges pollutants illegally, the fine for each illegal act can reach 250000 US dollars per day. At the same time, the economic benefits obtained by the enterprise due to the violation of the law will be confiscated. If environmental damage is caused due to the violation of the law, there will be civil and public interest litigation to pursue compensation. The highest punishment under the current law in China is for serious air pollution accidents, with a penalty of less than 500000 yuan. For this reason, experts suggest that there should be no upper limit on punishment, and the punishment should be calculated on a daily basis, so that the illegal punishment can not only fully recover the unjust gains of illegal enterprises, but also have a deterrent effect. At the same time, the concept of environmental damage compensation should be carried out in the whole society. With the help of judicial power, we should severely punish the subjective and malicious environmental violations

in terms of binding policies, the action plan clearly proposes to strengthen the collection of pollution discharge fees to collect all receivables. Timely raise the pollution charge standard and include volatile organic compounds in the collection scope of pollution charge

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