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When talking about the annual work priorities at the 2016 national two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang said: enterprises should be encouraged to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, and cultivate the craftsman spirit of excellence

quality is king and the spirit of craftsmanship is inherited

when talking about the annual work priorities at the 2016 national two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang said: enterprises should be encouraged to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, and cultivate the craftsman spirit of excellence. This is the first time that the word "craftsman spirit" is mentioned in the government work report. Craftsman spirit represents the temperament of an era. A firm, down-to-earth and excellence brand. Artisans may not be able to become entrepreneurs, but most successful entrepreneurs have this temperament

in the era of "quality is king", customized home furnishing enterprises that want to win the favor of consumers should uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, make products their business cards for external publicity, strictly grasp quality, establish an excellent quality monitoring mechanism, and reach the perfection and limit of product quality, giving consumers an impeccable experience. With a dedication to work and a sense of awe for products, we will penetrate and integrate the firm, down-to-earth and excellence craftsman spirit into every link of daily production, make spiritual products, and make them products that can impress consumers

in addition to the delicacy of production, the spirit of modern craftsman should be embodied in design. The design reflects the pursuit of tireless and meticulous attitude. Hesheng Yaju employs more than 100 top designers and star products, which have been imitated and never surpassed, and are deeply favored and pursued by consumers

diversified products to meet different consumers

another important factor in the success of Hesheng Yaju is its diversified strategy. Hesheng Yaju designs and manufactures different series to meet the different needs of different consumers for wardrobe styles. At present, Hesheng Yaju has a series of products in various styles, such as European style, simple style, new Chinese style, pastoral style, etc., which also represent different lifestyles. Hesheng Yaju has always adhered to the principle of developing corresponding series of wardrobes according to different consumer groups, so that the diverse needs of consumers can be met, which fully reflects the strong strength of an industry leader

the launch of each product of Hesheng Yaju is carefully considered, checked at all levels, consistent with the pace of the times, through the accurate pulse of modern home furnishings, seize the real needs of consumers, and make the high-end and diversified products perfect. Industry insiders pointed out that in this era of high-end and diversified household industry, Hesheng Yaju can firmly occupy the leading position, and the strength of the enterprise can not be underestimated

quality service, we are serious.

customized furniture itself is an industry of product superimposed services, and many aspects of its value are reflected in its service professionalism. For example, whether the salesperson understands the needs of customers and whether the designer has professional level and experience. In fact, customized furniture not only meets its functions, but also to integrate with the whole home environment to achieve a harmonious and Unified overall visual effect. All these require the meticulous and professional services of the designer

tailor-made, service home. If you see a product in a specialty store, but feel that it doesn't match the structure of your bedroom, how do you choose it? Give up this product and choose another type of product? no Customized services can help you. The professional designer of Hesheng Yaju will come to your bedroom in person to check your bedroom environment. After careful measurement, he will help you design a unique product. Mr. Xie, from Tianhe District, Guangzhou, customized a wardrobe for his wedding room. Talking about this service, he said: "whether it's the door-to-door customization of the early designer or the later installation, it's very easy for the owner to buy a very suitable product without worrying."

high cost performance, worthy of recommendation. Shopping is very focused on "shopping around". Only products with high cost performance can be loved by consumers. "I am very satisfied with the quality, price and service of the products." Mr. Xie, a citizen of Guangzhou, commented on the brand Hesheng Yaju. While enjoying it personally, he did not forget to recommend it to his friends. "I felt very good after using it for half a year, so I recommended it to several friends, and they all used it very comfortably."




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