Detailed steps of opening a wallpaper shop

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Analysis of the detailed steps of opening a wallpaper shop


I. understanding the market

first of all, we should understand the popular trend of wallpaper in the domestic market. At present, the more popular imported papers in China include Korean paper, American paper, Japanese paper, Italian paper, German paper, British paper and French paper. Domestic paper is also getting better and better, and the technical quality, production process

and pattern are slowly approaching imported paper. As for which materials of paper are popular, it is necessary to investigate the local market, because the interests, consumption levels and climate environment of people in each place are different

second, renting stores and finding suppliers can be carried out at the same time

1. Renting stores: the key is the choice of store location. It is best to choose in the building materials market or home Plaza, where wallpaper stores are relatively concentrated, because people are used to going to places where wallpaper is relatively concentrated when buying wallpaper, which can save a lot of time and better shop around

2. Find suppliers: suppliers include manufacturers, agents and wholesalers

① if you find a manufacturer to take the goods, it is more formal. They will give you some guidance on your purchase price and sales price. Of course, the purchase price should also be more advantageous than agents and wholesalers. They will also provide reference opinions on how to decorate wallpaper stores, how to buy versions and samples, how to sell wallpaper, and the purchase channel is also stable

② if you find an agent, its advantages are also formal, with the guidance of the company and stable purchase channels; The disadvantage is that there are many rules and regulations, and the price may be more expensive

③ if you find a wholesaler, the advantage is to be casual and there are not so many rules; The disadvantage is that the purchase channel is unstable, the information is delayed, and the service may not be in place

III. store decoration and contract signing can also be carried out at the same time

1. Store decoration: you should choose a relatively large exhibition hall to display your products as much as possible, most of which are displayed with display boards. In addition, you should also have a table for cash register, a few chairs or sofas. Of course, this is mainly used for customers to sit, and there should be a small exhibition area for wallpaper accessories. Remember: the storefront must show grade. It is best to choose some samples with darker colors, because deep wallpaper samples also show grade, so as to attract the attention of consumers. Generally, suppliers will provide some reference opinions on the decoration of wallpaper stores. This is all up to you. Others' opinions are only for reference

2. Sign the contract: after discussing the cooperation with the supplier, you must remember to sign the contract. The purpose of signing the contract is to guarantee the future supply speed, product quality, price service, pre-sales and after-sales services. However, you should carefully read the contents of the contract and don't be trapped by non-conforming conditions

IV. handling business license, purchasing version, setting model and other work can also be carried out at the same time

1. Handling business license: in fact, there is no absolute order. You can do it after finding the store, or after the store is decorated. The regulations are different in every place

the process of handling industrial and commercial business license is as follows (for reference only):

① apply for business license at the administrative department for Industry and commerce. The general procedures of self-employed business registration are: application, acceptance, examination and approval, and license issuance. First, the applicant shall file an application with the administrative department for Industry and Commerce of the place where the registered residence is located or the place of business is located with documents and certificates, and submit the application and the following certificates: operator identity certificate, place of business certificate, work license, etc. After the preliminary examination of the administrative department for Industry and commerce, those that meet the provisions shall be accepted. When all the approvals are completed, the applicant will pay a certain registration fee, and the administrative department for Industry and Commerce will issue the business license to the applicant

② open an account in the bank

the operator deposits his own funds into the Bank of his choice and opens a bank account

③ handle the legal person code certificate

according to the needs of modern management and the protection of the rights of enterprise legal persons from infringement, operators also need to go to the local technical supervision department or relevant departments to handle the legal person code certificate. When applying for the organization code certificate, the enterprise must submit the business hot photo issued by the Department of industry and commerce, carry the official seal of the unit, the ID card of the legal representative (person in charge) and the operator, the code certificate or copy of the superior competent department

④, go to the tax bureau for tax registration

the individual certificate holder should carry the original of his own ID card, go to the tax branch to get and fill in the personal tax registration form, with the original copy of the copy of the industrial and commercial license, Go to the "tax registration" window to go through the tax registration procedures

⑤ apply for business registration form

after the above procedures are completed, it marks that the approval of all functional departments required by an enterprise has been completed, and you can go to the District Administration for Industry and commerce to go through the "application for enterprise registration form of individual industrial and commercial households" and prepare to start business on a selected date

2. Purchase versions, lay out templates and other work

suppliers of purchase versions, lay out templates and other work will provide some suggestions for your reference. Of course, you also have to buy the version according to the market conditions and popular trends. When setting up models, we should set up models that look classy. Although consumers often buy more light colored wallpapers, dark colored wallpapers are generally more classy

3. Find an auxiliary material supplier

choose a guaranteed wallpaper auxiliary material supplier. Don't underestimate the auxiliary material supplier. Many of your wallpaper construction problems need the assistance of the auxiliary material supplier, and its auxiliary material quality directly determines your construction quality

how to judge the quality of rubber powder, mortar and base film, the identification methods are as follows:

1 First of all, see whether the products have passed the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification". The products that have passed the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification" are healthy, environmentally friendly, qualified, non-toxic and harmless

2. Rubber powder, from the appearance of identification, the method is to look at the size of flakes, potato rubber powder is irregular flakes, other rubber powder is fine particles; Dissolve it with water, and the domestic rubber powder will open in about 5 minutes, and the imported rubber powder will open in about 10 minutes. The imported rubber powder will be transparent after opening, and the domestic rubber powder will be slightly yellow

3. Mastic mainly depends on its environmental protection and solid content

4. For the base film, first smell whether there is smell, whether it is environmentally friendly, how hard it is, whether the drying time is fast, and whether the film-forming effect is good. Of course, the most important thing is to see the construction effect

4. Find construction workers

try to find experienced and professionally trained masters, and it is best to take a look at their construction cases

here, a wallpaper shop was born




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