Recruitment of linlai door industry in 2017

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1. Sales Representative (6)


1 College degree or above in marketing, economics, business administration and other related majors is preferred

2. At least 1 year sales experience in related industries

3. Familiar with the operation of sales channels and marketing methods of related products

4. Strong expression skills and communication and coordination skills

5. Have the spirit of hard work and love the sales profession

2. Channel Manager (3):


1. Have certain sales experience and customer management ability; 2. Be able to adapt to door-to-door visits, take the initiative to contact customers, have a strong sense of responsibility, and obey management and work arrangements; 3. Good at market development, product promotion, customer tracking and maintenance; 4. Sales experience in building materials, decoration, home furnishings, etc. is preferred

3. Designer (2):

qualification: college degree or above, major in furniture design, wood processing and related design. Proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other drawing software, can skillfully make furniture renderings, plans, three views, etc., and experience in decoration design is preferred

4. Telemarketing (2):


1 Standard Mandarin, good image and temperament, mild personality, patient, strong communication skills. 2. Working experience in telemarketing, customer collection and business documentary is preferred, familiar with various telemarketing skills, and familiar with outbound and inbound telephone sales

5. E-commerce (2):


1 Familiar with internet promotion, proficient in using network communication tools and various office software, 2 Master the promotion of B2B, B2C promotion, search engine optimization, exchange links, forums, blogs, and mass sending of client information

6. Project Manager (5)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organize the design and formulate the project construction plan

2. Cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in the design, budget estimation, review of bidding quantities, installation and commissioning of equipment installation

3. Cooperate with the construction unit to complete civil engineering and equipment installation tasks according to relevant management systems, installation drawings, operation specifications and progress requirements

4. Timely handle objections and complaints in project management, and continuously improve service satisfaction

5. Supervise and manage the construction site, and do a good job in safety and site management


1. More than 2 years of engineering management experience, and engineering management experience in related industries is preferred

2. Be familiar with the application of early-stage materials, construction licenses, construction and installation of engineering projects, be familiar with project bidding and construction supervision, and be able to carry out drawing review and coordination

3. Be familiar with relevant national policies and regulations, have relevant professional knowledge required by the post, and have accounting and statistical skills

4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication

7. Internship Designer (5)


1. College degree or above in decoration design, interior design and other related majors

2. Strong color matching ability, skilled in AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Photoshop and other software; Meeting site room type measurement, etc

3. Strong learning ability, love design work, and innovative spirit

8. Sales Assistant (1)


1. Assist in daily work communication and information transmission between business and customers

2. Prepare documents, quote, and track sample production

3. Assist in order processing, order confirmation, instruction transmission, tracking and implementation, etc

4. Track production progress, be able to deal with various problems in work independently, have strong adaptability, and be able to maintain good communication skills with factories and customers; Coordinate matters between the factory and customers to ensure delivery on time and quality

5. Complete other work tasks delivered by the superior

9 Partner

10 General workers (12)

qualifications: healthy, hardworking, subject to management

welfare: transportation subsidies, telephone subsidies, overtime subsidies

linlai door industry (China) brand operation organization is a production base of sliding doors in the central region, a brand integrating the research, development, production and sales of door industry and supporting sliding doors, and a manufacturer mainly of supporting products such as wood grain materials of the same color, cladding materials, high-end wardrobe doors, partition doors, bathroom doors, soft decoration background walls, etc

welcome to Lin Lai, contact us:

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straight line mobile phone: 15927471892

online qq:3118542519

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production base: Hanbei star market, Hankou North Avenue, Huangpi District, Wuhan

storage base: China Luoyan Industrial Zone, Luoyan Road, East Lake, Hongshan District, Wuhan





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