How to achieve win-win for Rongda century old ward

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Some say the relationship between dealers and manufacturers is cooperative, some say win-win, some say fish and water, and some say superficial

some people say that the relationship between dealers and manufacturers is a cooperative relationship, some people say it is a win-win relationship, some people say it is a fish water relationship, some people say it is a superficial relationship. But as the saying goes, not a family, do not enter a door. Since the dealer decides to join the agency of a manufacturer's brand, it is necessary to learn to live a good life with the manufacturer. The development of the brand and the expansion of the business can be guaranteed only by correctly treating the relationship with the manufacturer, dealing with the relationship with the manufacturer, and performing their respective duties with the manufacturer

but the reality is often that dealers are more or less dissatisfied with and complain about manufacturers, regardless of size, and there are not many manufacturers with very harmonious relations. Of course, there are many reasons for disharmony, including manufacturers' reasons and dealers' reasons. It is often the public saying that the public is reasonable and the female saying that the female is reasonable. Manufacturers all consider problems from their own perspectives, and friction is inevitable. For example, during the financial crisis in 2009, an expert in the industry had dinner with two dealers. During the dinner, a dealer friend complained about the manufacturer and expressed strong dissatisfaction. He was deeply caught in the eye of the storm of today's financial crisis, and the business was difficult, but the manufacturer sat on the Diaoyutai, and another dealer carried out some ideological education to the complaining dealer, to the effect that the manufacturer could not count on, and the dealer still depended on himself, whether dealing with the financial crisis or not

the dealer who complains is a poor dealer. On the contrary, the latter is an excellent dealer. In fact, this is by no means accidental. In the long run, dealers who do not rely on the manufacturer's self-reliance can often do well, become bigger and stronger, and often get the manufacturer's care and key support. And those dealers who believe that crying children have milk to eat and scold their mothers after putting down their bowls do not get much money from the manufacturers, and it is rare to really do well and become big

dealers and manufacturers had a short honeymoon when they first attracted investment. At this time, although the dealer's IQ is not as low as that of a woman in love, it has a halo effect on most manufacturers. It is more about the advantages of the manufacturer. When the manufacturer really enters the siege of marriage, bad habits and disadvantages such as men not washing their feet after marriage and not returning home will gradually enter the dealer's vision and become the cause of the manufacturer's contradictions. Manufacturers' problems are very easy to find, especially those in rapid development. Dealers can often find a large basket of problems, such as product defects, chaotic prices, lax management, lack of human resources, little market investment, and poor brand promotion. Dealers who do not do well often love to immerse themselves in dissatisfaction and resentment against manufacturers, and get trapped deeper and deeper, unable to extricate themselves. Dealers who do not do well often regard themselves as bystanders, rather than as agents or cultivators in their business areas

dealers should keep in mind that manufacturers are like escalators, and dealers are like passengers on escalators. After all, no matter how good a dealer is, it also depends on the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is in the process of developing the escalator, the future of the dealer is guaranteed. Smart dealers should be like happy, harmonious and long-term married couples. Open the eye that looks at each other's advantages and close the eye that looks at each other's shortcomings, and their family life will be harmonious and they can live forever




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