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[friends] fun Wu Tun

the following is either my own personal experience, or after seeing others. There should still be some reference significance

first, it is unwise to let go of the near and seek the far

this is what I think should be put in the first place. Because this is almost what I regret most after summing up. Of course, this has its preconditions

that is, it is unwise to buy fragile and perishable items or small items

at that time, I was preparing to buy lights and furniture. When I saw someone on the Internet saying that nine stars were cheap, I traveled all the way. From Baoshan to Minhang Qibao, it took nearly a day and a half on the road alone. Run over there and use the bargaining skill. It feels like it's quite cheap. Go home happily. In fact, I already feel trouble in the process of bargaining. Because every time I started cutting well, but when it came to delivery at the end, JS heard that I was a foreign guest from Baoshan, he was not moved by my enthusiasm, but would ask me to pay more because of the distance. Among them, I bought a 1500 crystal lamp. In order to save road expenses, I actually carried it home

back home, not long after, the light came. Trouble has come

because the bulb was not inspected at the time of purchase. After the installation of master, several lights did not light up, and several downlights were wrong in size. Please change the goods. To waste dozens of dollars for just a few lights, the fare will waste half a day. I couldn't help it. I thought I was unlucky. I went to the nearby jianpeilong to buy a lamp to make it up, because the master was waiting for it

the next day, the master began to install the crystal lamp, which caused more trouble. As soon as the master opened the box, he found that the crystal lamp base was sunken, which seriously affected the appearance and could not be installed

my heart began to hang up, because I carried it home by myself. I was afraid JS would take the opportunity to make things difficult. There were more than 1000 lights. Contact JS with fear. Fortunately, the other party agreed. As long as I get things over, it's OK. Without saying a word, I carried the heavy crystal lamp and ran nine stars again. Finally, I changed the lamp and carried it home. If you don't talk about it after half a day, you're still half dead

it's not over yet. After a period of time, the furniture entered the site. Results the inspection was not careful, the bar chair was not easy to use, so it was not checked out. Two stools are missing. Contact the boss immediately. The other party's attitude is very good. No problem. Bring it here and I'll replace it for you

carrying a bar chair, I ran to the nine stars again. As he ran, he thought about it. He thought about it and figured out that it was unwise to keep close and seek far

I hope TX people can also learn a lesson from this matter. It's inconvenient to move and easy to damage. Things involving after-sales must be better than nearby hypermarkets. Don't be greedy for a small bargain and toss yourself up





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