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The term JS waterproof coating may be a little strange to most people. In fact, JS waterproof coating is a kind of waterproof coating widely used in the home decoration market at present. It is mostly used in the waterproof projects of toilets, kitchens and balconies. JS waterproof coating has convenient construction, good stability and a high market share. JS waterproof coating is not expensive, but also affordable for ordinary people

js waterproof coating noun analysis

j refers to polymer, s cement; That is, JS is polymer cement waterproof coating, also known as JS composite waterproof coating. It is a two-component, waterborne building waterproof coating made of organic liquid material composed of polymer lotion such as polyacrylate lotion and ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer lotion and various additives, and inorganic powder composed of cement, quartz sand, light and heavy calcium carbonate and various additives through reasonable proportion and compounding

What are the advantages of JS waterproof coating

1. Green and environmental protection. JS waterproof coating does not pollute the environment, has stable performance, excellent aging resistance and long waterproof life

2. It is safe to use, convenient to construct, simple to operate, and can be constructed directly on the wet foundation surface without open water

3. It has strong bonding force, and the bonding strength between the material and the cement base surface can reach more than 0.5MPa, which has good bonding performance for most materials

4. The material has good elasticity and elongation up to 200%, so it has excellent crack resistance, frost resistance and low temperature flexibility

5. Good workability, no foaming, good film-forming effect and fast curing

6. The construction is simple, which can be applied by brushing, rolling and scraping

js waterproof coating application scope and reference dosage

1. Roof waterproofing of industrial and civil buildings

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof works in toilet and bathroom and kitchen

3. Waterproofing of walls, basements, swimming pools, tanks, etc

4. The waterproof coating is divided into type I and type II, with different usage

usually 1.5-2.0 kg/m2; The actual dosage is determined by the purpose, position, roughness of base surface, environmental factors, etc. For details, please go to the place of purchase for consultation

5 kg/set (1.32 kg liquid material +3.68 kg powder material), 12 kg/set (3.18 kg liquid material +8.82 kg powder material),

20 kg/set (5.3 kg liquid material +14.7 kg powder material), 34 kg/set (9 kg liquid material +25 kg powder material)

JS waterproof coating price

JS waterproof coating is a commonly used waterproof material. It depends on the national standard model of waterproof coating, as well as the price set by the first-line brand and the second-line brand. Generally speaking, the price of JS waterproof coating is about 350-400 a barrel, 20 kilograms, which is about ten to twenty yuan a kilogram. Of course, there are also some third and fourth tier brands of JS waterproof paint, which can be bought at a price of 90-120 a barrel




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