Domestic CVT transmission helps new sunshine bloom

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Domestic CVT transmission helps new sunshine bloom in Guangzhou in December not long ago, Nissan announced that it would restart sunny sunshine models in a high-profile manner, and the tenth generation sunny also chose to make its global debut at the Guangzhou auto show at the end of December. This week, Dongfeng Nissan held a "new sunshine and new power" press conference in the factory of its supplier Gatco (Guangzhou) automatic transmission, and once again announced the latest power technology on the 10th generation sunny

new sunshine will be equipped with a new intelligent xtroniccvt gearbox, which is not only powerful and smooth, but also has excellent performance in the tensile testing machine and further optimized fuel economy

the new CVT transmission will be launched in April next year

according to the technical experts from Dongfeng Nissan and Gatco, the new generation of intelligent xtroniccvt applies the latest intelligent transmission technology in the world, integrating the four leading technologies first applied in the world, namely, sub planetary gear technology, smooth start assist system, ultra-low friction structure design and CVT temperature optimization control, with better acceleration smoothness and fuel economy. Songyuan Shiming, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan, introduced that at present, the new generation of intelligent xtroniccvt transmission is still rare in Nissan all over the world, and it is the first application in China. Its power, smoothness, fuel economy and environmental protection will bring unprecedented experience to consumers

it is reported that Gatco (Guangzhou) automatic transmission Co., Ltd. is preparing a domestic plan for a new generation of CVT. According to Shang Shixiao, general manager of the company, the second workshop for the production of the new generation of intelligent xtroniccvt is currently under construction according to the plan, and the capacity of the new production line is planned to be 240000 units per year. This is the first xtroniccvt production line in overseas markets except Japan. The new generation of intelligent xtroniccvt will be introduced as the second CVT product of the company, and it is planned to be rolled out domestically in April, 2011. This also means that in addition to the new sunshine, other models of Dongfeng Nissan will also have the opportunity to carry this intelligent CVT transmission. Since the transmission can only be used in the front drive vehicles with power systems below 150 n · m, this intelligent transmission is more suitable for compact vehicles and mini vehicles. Tiida, Liwei, Xuanyi and march all hope to carry it

taking China as the starting point to complete the "sunshine Renaissance"

sunny is a classic model of nine generations inherited by Nissan, which has achieved a main business income of 11.3 trillion yuan in industries above the province, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 20million vehicles. Meanwhile, sunny is the first domestic car launched by Dongfeng Nissan. It was made in 2003 and officially delisted in 2007. Then it was incorporated into the Xuanyi car series together with the bluebird model. Now, sunshine will be separated from the Xuanyi system and become an independent car line again, which will enrich the product series of Dongfeng Nissan in the intermediate car market. As many foreign trade orders generally exceed one month, Dongfeng Nissan's intermediate hatchback will also increase to three models

since the release of Nissan's "sunshine revival" plan, the positioning, performance and configuration of the tenth generation sunny have always attracted market attention. Dongfeng Nissan has high hopes for the tenth generation of sunny sunshine. It is planned to build new sunshine into a leader in the intermediate hatchback and complete the global revival of sunny from the Chinese market. Although the manufacturer has been silent about the positioning of Xuanyi, Xinyangguang and Yida in the intermediate market, from the current situation analysis, Dongfeng Nissan Xinyangguang is most likely to be positioned above Qida under Xuanyi, and the power will focus on the 1.6L displacement. Because this displacement is not only within the scope of purchase tax preference and national energy-saving vehicle subsidies, but also the segment market with the largest demand

Songyuan Shiming said that the tenth generation sunny will be an intermediate car beyond expectations, providing consumers with the best value derived from advanced technology. He firmly believes that the tenth generation sunny, which has the leading edge in technology, will be able to establish a dominant position in the medium-sized car market

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