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Comments on the analysis of the market development trend of China's packaging industry

limited development

in Taiwan, it can be reached from north to south in a few hours. The Chinese market with the gradual weakening of the cross-section of components is more crowded with enterprises, and the food industry does not fall behind. Even though highways and express railways are expanded one after another, logistics between large and small cities still takes a lot of time, including transportation means, central kitchen Even stores have to invest and set up refrigeration equipment. The increase of operating costs has become a major obstacle to the expansion of the food industry. Apart from instant noodles, rice and other dry foods, can't soup, sauce and neutral drinks be developed

so far, canned food is still the only food that does not need to be frozen and can circulate at normal temperature. In order to achieve complete sterilization, it must be sterilized at high temperature in the sterilization kettle for a long time (the central temperature in the tank needs to be above 121 ℃ and maintained for a period of time), because the owner provides less cost and brings more health. The color, aroma and taste of this food are difficult to maintain, and the weight of the metal tank virtually increases the transportation cost, Reduce the efficiency of logistics

operation examples of new opportunities for food packaging

chen'an enterprise company, which has been promoting static mixing tube static mixer for 30 years, its product mixing principle: if the division can not align with the three functions of standard line, inversion and conversion, the fluid can be mixed, divided and heat exchanged in the tube to achieve high-efficiency projects such as homogenization, direct heating, indirect heating and cooling, which can be applied to the sterilization of fluid food:

1 Direct heating:

after precise filtration, the steam is sprayed into the pipe by most nozzles. Under the guidance of the mixing blade, the fluid absorbs the steam rapidly and heats up rapidly. Due to the impact mixing between the center of the pipe and the inner wall of the pipe, the temperature is uniform, and then with the cooperation of automatic temperature indicator regulator and proportional control valve, the temperature can be completely sterilized between 1 ℃

2. Indirect heating:

for products that do not want steam to be directly added to materials, double tube or multiple tube heat exchangers can be used to match the characteristics and needs of materials, and progressive sectional heating or direct arrival at one time can be adopted. Due to the action of blades, the bullet flow temperature of empty tube can be changed into the uniform temperature of piston flow. Therefore, this theory is applied to heating, sterilization or cooling, and the efficiency is 3 ~ 5 times that of empty tube, It can shorten the time and reduce the retention in the pipe

3. From the storage tank, the materials are pumped into the pipe with Nemo pump for quantitative:

constant pressure, heated and sterilized, cooled out, and all are carried out in a closed pipe without being polluted by the outside world or air. The design and automation of CIP and sip can be added to the whole set of equipment for operation. According to the sterilization requirements D value selected for different materials, the heating and sterilization temperature and temperature holding time can be set freely to ensure the aseptic state before entering sterile packaging, It can be packaged at low temperature or normal temperature to maintain the best state of food color, aroma and taste

4. There are great changes in food types and physical properties:

products with the same name have different characteristics in different companies. Viscosity, particle containing state, particle properties and so on have their own characteristics. Therefore, the structure of mixing blade must also have various designs and changes. In addition to standard blade, adding large in the center can accelerate the flow rate and reduce protein browning

in recent years, the development of science and technology and the progress of society have accelerated the improvement of people's living standards. The demand for food, clothing, housing and transportation has increased in a straight line, especially the food ranked first. The situation of only seeking food and clothing in the past has now become the pursuit and stress of delicious food. In addition, people are busy every day, pay attention to efficiency in everything, there are many small families, and singles are popular, regardless of housewives or husbands, They are gradually going out of the kitchen and looking for fast food. Therefore, the commercialization of food processing and manufacturing, the establishment of central kitchens, the maintenance of color, aroma and taste, the extension of taste appreciation period, the improvement of refrigeration and freezing technology, the expansion of reprocessing market, the establishment of chain stores, transportation, logistics and so on have derived many urgent problems to be solved

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